Another day, another lecture! Today was an event held by my college’s English department, a series of talks about creative writing, screen writing, novel writing and PR. The lecture that I attended was held by an employee of Golin Harris, one of the biggest PR companies in the industry, with offices worldwide. It really made me think, am I being too narrow with my choices? It was always ‘fashion journalism/writing’, but The September Issue and Grace Coddington’s amazing work drew me to creative direction. To me, PR has always been the scary, do-everything-at-once job reserved for leggy blonde’s in Seven jeans. Ever since Whitney and LC appeared on my screen, running around backstage at fashions show dressed in head to toe black, screaming into headsets, PR has always seemed endlessly glamorous to me. Kelly Cutrone (the tough talking, no-nonsense PR guru who founded People’s Revolution) left even the Hills girls quaking in their Louboutins. I can’t say I don’t like a challenge. So maybe it is glamorous, albeit cutthroat, maybe this is something I should pursue? Right now the possibilities seem never ending! What’s a boy dreaming in Vogue to do?

Till next time!

Tom x

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