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Listen with – Crown On The Ground by Sleigh Bells
Watch with – The Bling Ring (obvs)
Read with – The Bling Ring: How a Gang of Fame-Obsessed Teens Ripped Off Hollywood and Shocked The World by Nancy Jo Sales

Today was a VERY exciting day for me. Since the first teaser trailer was released way back in March, I have loyally followed the progress of The Bling Ring. Maybe it was Crown On The Ground from that first trailer that did it for me, but I’ve been slightly crazy about this film of ever since. The book by Nancy Jo Sales was amazing, never have I enjoyed a non-fiction book so more (perhaps because the events are so mad that they may as well be entirely made up). I highly recommend. This is a fashion blog, so you may be wondering why I’m talking about a film at such length. BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST. But that’s not really relevant, the reason is this film is about as involved with fashion as it is with crime, drugs and LA shineyness. The centre of this story is fashion – clothes, shoes, bags (oh my!) not to mention the cray cray jewellery and obscene amounts of cash stolen from Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Audrina Partridge… You get the picture. All burglarised because of their well publicised style. Fashion victim anyone?

Sofia Coppola really has a way with filmmaking. She constructs an endlessly glamorous world these pretty little liars live in, which isn’t all that hard considering the events (and the film) occurred in Calabasas, LA. The best part may be the ending, in which Alexis (oh um, I mean Nikki…) is being interviewed. The final shot shows Nikki talking straight on to the camera, promoting her website in which people can follow her ‘journey’. In a few seconds, Coppola perfectly captures the fascination we have with fame and celebrity culture. When Rebecca is being questioned by police, she asks if the police have spoken to any of the victims. When the officer replies yes, she asks ‘really? What did Lindsay say?’.

‘And so it is’.

Tom x

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