Necklace – starfish pendant from the Caribbean, T-Shirt – DIY tie dye, Sunglasses – New Look, Watch – Sekonda, Jeans – Asos, Shoes – Sebago, Jewellery – assorted
Its a boy! The most awaited baby in the world that wasn’t a Kardashian has arrived. To celebrate I wanted to do my first outfit post inspired by GB and the Union Jack… Unfortunately I only own clothes with the American flag on them (awks). So with that in mind I completely changed the concept and just threw in my Union Jack phone case for kicks. My t-shirt was created by me – I used a plain white F+F long sleeved t-shirt, black dylon hand-dye and a shibori tie-dye technique to create the Proenza Schouler inspired design. As the black dye took a navy tinge I paired it with my ice-white/blue jeans from Asos. They’re light enough for summer (in colour and material) and the cold off-white works perfectly in the sunshine. Lastly the shoes are classic leather boat shoes from Sebago. They were an ABSOLUTE bargain at half price! I’d wear this look out for lunch, like today, and also for summer evenings at a party or BBQ. Congratulations to Kate and Wills, its sure been a long time coming!
Till next time!
Tom x

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