The summer sales are normally not of much interest to me. To be perfectly honest, living in Britain doesn’t really warrant owning summer clothes, its only this random heatwave that has sent everyone reeling from the shock. Since I’m going on holiday very soon to Greece however I decided to take advantage of the final reductions! I didn’t get much, and amazingly I bought four items for only SEVENTEEN POUNDS. How cray is that. First I hit up Bank where I got this Outcast ‘divine’ t-shirt, £5 down from £20. I love the print, its like sporty bible chic (is that a thing now?). I also bought these brilliant clubmaster sunglasses for only £3 down from £8! They’re a dupe for the Rayban’s (plus they have 100% UV protection), but at £3 I won’t want to throw myself out the plane if I sit on these ones.

Lastly, my best bargain were the two pairs of Vans-y type shoes that I found in Topman. They were the last two pairs in my size, so obviously it was fate and I needed them. They were both £24 down to £5 (£4.50 each with student discount) which is a pretty brilliant find! The pinky-red palm tree pair give off a Cody Simpson SBK vibe, perfect for the beach in Greece. The brown pair have a faux leather heel, which will carry them firmly from summer to autumn/winter!
Nearer the time I’ll do a more indepth holiday prep post and I’ll do outfit posts on the island!

Till next time!

Tom x

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