The thing is, Topman’s never reallyhonestlytruly been my thing. The quality is good, that I will admit, but I’ve always felt that Zara and H&M just have that edge over it in terms of design. The whole indie kid trend that Topman embodied for what feels like FOREVER seems to be finally waning, and I couldn’t be happier! Last autumn I sensed a change when they brought out the AMAZING Topman Design line, full of macabre black’s with fur collars and the most wonderful McQueen-print inspired shirts, I genuinely loved it. Then came the disappointment of the spring 2013 line. I won’t go there. Not worth it.

Tonight I went online to torture myself by looking at clothing which I cannot afford. When I went on however, I was awed – I felt COMPELLED to blog about it! The Le Marais collection is simply beautiful. As the description promises it does indeed evoke a Parisian quality, with muted colours and chic stripes, interestingly interpreted in a Venetian gondola-driver fashion. The standout of the collection for me is the grey marble print shirt, much more subtle than other prints featured in this post but really stunning in its simplicity. My favourite’s from the collection –
The biker is great, the website says its charcoal but on my screen it looks more of a desaturated brown. It has a sort of worn-in look to it with the wrinkled leather. I debated about the cropped blazer but ultimately I like it, worn over a white shirt Carrie Bradshaw style would be my styling of choice but with an item like this its really up to the individual.

The other collection that caught my eye was the Agi & Sam collaboration. I’m a sucker for modern tie dye so this really called to me! This line featured suits as well as individual pieces, two of which are brilliantly zany! My favourite piece of the collection has to be the blue and black shorts, of the aforementioned tie dye calling. Don’t you just love? Here are my favourites –

The feather print shorts would work wonderfully with the gold/yellow blazer, the quality of which looks excellent (no cheap acrylic over here!). The woven style aqua shirt is brilliant, the suit may be even better – decide for yourself!
The bottom one is my favourite of the lot, individually I don’t think I’d ever be without at least one of these pieces. The blazer in particular would be perfect with torn jeans and a Scotch and Soda t-shirt.

Till next time!

Tom x

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