Shirt – George
Chino’s – Asos
Shoes – H&M
Jacket – H&M,
 Bandana – Zara
Jewellry – assorted
 Bag – Penfield
“An outlaw can be defined as somebody who lives outside the law, beyond the law and not necessarily against it” – Hunter S. Thompson
So when I got dressed this morning I was kind of thinking, what’s up with this? Boring. Then I added the bandana and it kind of took on a outlaw-ish vibe, not exactly my style but let’s go with it! I was going for a kind of overexposed, raw Terry Ricardson vibe with the photography, with the rough-hewn shed and brick walls. The bandana is actually from some jeans I got from Zara but I cut it off because it’s ridiculous. Much better as a bandana! I’m really missing the sun as I feel some sunglasses would have completed this look, but seeing as it was cloudy all day it wasn’t really an option. I really love this shirt with the jacket because of the formal/informal contrast, plus the mint green chinos really set off the red bandana and the burgundy shoes. The bag is just brilliant, its tough as nails and big as the tardis. You could use this as a parachute and it wouldn’t show the slightest bit of wear; six months on and the handles are still perfectly attached.
Tom x

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