Recently I’ve been feeling a change ahead. During secondary school I’d literally dye my hair every other month – I’ve been blonde, bleached blonde, light, dark and medium brown, red, dark red, light red… You get the point. Since starting college I’ve only dyed my hair twice, only in browns similar to my current shade – a bit boring but I’ve been prohibited from anything more exciting! In a couple of months I turn eighteen and I’ve been planning this over the last couple of weeks… 

I feel like a soft, silvery white blonde is a really statement colour that can look amazing when done right. I do miss being blonde and although my natural brown is nice at the moment (the Cretan sun warmed up my mousy base and highlighted my hair!) it will have all grown out by my birthday. I’ve had more or less the same style since birth, kind of a sweepy fringe thingy – I just started to shorten the back and sides in recent years. I have a haircut booked for tomorrow to get a shorter cut I can style a bit more as right now my hair is a stubborn lil bitch and just sort of returns to its usual style whatever I do to it. With that in mind I’m taking inspirtion from Tyler Oakley and the model above, I really love the shade and it’ll be nice to have a change! Blonderexic once again? 

Tom x

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