Listen with – New York State Of Mind (Glee Cast Version)

I’ve been slack with the blog this week because I’m really busy getting ready for NEW YORK. I leave on Tuesday and it’s been panic stations for a while now. Today I went and bought some dollahhhh so I’ll be doing some major shopping (my hotel is really near 5th Avenue guys) which is progress! I haven’t packed yet and I need to get together my clothes to take, I’m aware that I want as much room as possible in my suitcase to bring stuff back BUT there is of course the weight limit (conundrum!). So far this is the list of clothing:

Hollister Destroyed Skinny Jeans
Hollister Denim Shirt
DIY bleached/tie-dyed Proenza Schouler-y t-shirts (black/red and black/white)
Burton vintage wash jeans
Asos White Jeans
Burgundy Jumper
Ringspun City t-shirt
Scotch and Soda take a bow t-shirt
Original Penguin Orange Polo Neck
DIY Bleached Isabel Marant-y Jeans
River Island Trench Coat
H&M Biker(s) (do I take the black AND the cream??)

The list will undoubtably change but there’s a rough estimate… I’m just so excited to finally have a backdrop that’s not a) my back garden or b) my street. Gonna be GOOD.

Tom x

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