Trench coat – River Island, Shirt – Hollister, Jeans – Asos, Shoes – H&M, Scarf – Asos

On the first proper day of our trip we took a little journey to Fifth Avenue a.k.a. Consumerism Heaven! For a small-town boy like me, just seeing all the designer shops was a big deal. Saks was my favourite, it truly is another world in there, and the clothes are just incredible. When you go in there you can see the merits of investing in a piece of fashion rather than buying countless cheaply made pieces. In particular the craftsmanship shone, some of the embellishment on show was truly stunning. 

I made a little stop to Michael Kors where the wonderful SA Ally persuaded me to purchase an amazing rose gold Michael Kors watch (although I really didn’t take much convincing, weak boy!). Afterwards we went to MOMA which was really incredible. The art was so diverse and ranged from installation to sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, video etc. I’d recommend it to anyone going to NYC – it was trumped only by the Met.

I like the styling of this outfit because it was breathable and got me through my first day of intense travel, we basically didn’t sit down for the entire day!

Tom x

Photos courtesy of Evie Lane Photography Biatch

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