Biker – H&M, Scarf – ASOS, Bag – Firetrap, t-shirt – DIY, Jeans – Zara

For day three we headed to Chelsea to look at all the art galleries. On the way we passed an installation piece of a petrol station overrun with grass and sheep… Surely some comment on how we are building too much and not leaving nature alone but I don’t really care because LOOK AT THIS WOMAN. I had to take a sneaky pic but literally, this is why I love New York. The coat is amazing, yes, but the clear glasses just take it to a new level. If you want interesting style choices, come to the Chelsea/Greenwhich area. 

We explored some of the small independent galleries, where I came across the wonderful Panic Room exhibition by Justin Bower; there was something that really appealed to my curiosity in his work, it’s a strange mix of beautiful and lovely. After coming across a genuine real Banksy on some random wall, we took off to Greenwhich which was, by far, my favourite part of the whole city. The West Village is now basically my dream neighbourhood, it has everything I could want and it’s a short subway ride to midtown!

I chose my outfit because I liked the subtle clashing of the tie dye bleach shirt with the Aztec print scarf, plus the jeans are just really comfy! I wish I had had more jackets to wear during the trip but unfortunately my suitcase simply would not allow this. 

Tom x

Justin Bower – Panic Room


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