I feel like I owe any readers out there an apology and an explanation for my completely MIA status of late. Over the winter and holiday period I had a few issues in my personal life, plus lots of deadline for my college coursework. Its meant that at the times when I could post I really wasn’t up to it, plus with the days being so short there was little to no time to take any proper outfit posts. HOWEVER its a new year and a new start. 2014 is exciting for me – in under a month I turn eighteen, and this is also the year I graduate college and hopefully go on to University. With all that out of the way I want to wish you all a happy 2014!
After Christmas I wasn’t quite brave enough to face the Boxing Day sales so instead I went on the 27th. It was a pretty small shopping trip as I didn’t have much time and the queues were so big that I spent two hours in Hollister alone! I only ended up going to two shops, Hollister and Zara. Hollister is always a post-Christmas treat to myself because as soon as the festivities are over I start looking forward to summer.

I got the Zuma Beach Shirt after seeing my sister wearing a similar one from the Betty’s collection, it always looks really great paired with jeans and a blazer in a smart casual situation, such as the NYE party I wore it to this week. I apologise in advance for the bad quality iPhone selfies, until the weather improves there’s no way I’m going out for photos!

I also bought the Huntington Beach Flannel Shirt. This is actually my first plaid shirt and according to my plaid addict friend Becky, I’ve officially been converted (I remain dubious). I have to admit that its super soft and fits great though – maybe a convert after all?

The final item from Hollister was a pair of Super Skinny Jeans. Normally at Hollister I would go for something Destroyed but I decided it’d be nice to have a change towards something a bit simpler and after much crazed shelf hunting I picked up the Vintage Medium Wash.
There were a couple of items I’d been eyeing on the Zara website for a while but couldn’t really justify paying full price for. Specifically there was a pair of faux leather trousers that looked so nice, so simple – just a straight cut with no detailing. I kind of ummed and aaahed about getting them but in the end I’m so glad I did. I was impressed with how soft they are and how normal they look. You’d expect leather trousers to look very eccentric or extravagant but actually they’re just really well made and look great. I wore them with my Zuma Beach shirt to the NYE party I mentioned earlier and they weren’t too hot or too restrictive, I highly recommend them to anyone. 

My final item of the day was something I’ve been lusting after for like, over a year now. Ever since Cody Simpson (my guilty pleasure) wore this Zara denim jacket with faux leather sleeves I’ve been pretty set on getting it, so imagine my delight when it turned up in the sale with one left in my size!

A pretty successful day of sales shopping, and worth every second spent in a ridiculously overcrowded shopping centre. I hope you enjoyed my return to the blogosphere!

XOXO Toramarra


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