Cara Delevingne is one of those models that only comes along once every few decades. She of the Brows, Delevingne has captured the hearts of fashion royalty and teen fangirls alike, so its about time she got behind the drawing board like so many before her (Kate Moss for Topshop, anyone?). Mulberry has been teasing the Cara collab with the #seeyousunday hashtag appearing on their short video uploaded on Thursday.

The event was held at Claridges today, featuring Cara looking radiant as usual, sans shoes, walking amongst a misty woodland set. So is it just another PR stunt? Actually, the bags are quite ingenious. They featured a cross-body strap which can cleverly be converted into two backpack straps; certainly practical and surprisingly elegant. These most definitely do not reflect the shapeless black backpacks you wore to school – the Cara Collection is literally like a classic Mulberry bag, if slightly edgier, with a more versatile approach and better wearability.

The designs are a perfect balance between Mulberry’s classic British aesthetic and Cara’s cool kooky-ness and should strike a chord with all of her fashionista worshippers out there (4.3million on Instagram to be exact). I especially love the Cara bag ‘in Taupe Silky Classic Calf with Lion Rivets’ and the Monochrome Camouflage Haircalf. The bags are expected to be under the £1000 which still doesn’t feel like a practical pricepoint for the average teenage girl. The question remains is Mulberry is attempting to hit the right demographic with this collaboration: only time can tell! Which bag is your favourite and would you consider splashing out for it?

xoxo Toramarra

Large Cara Delevingne Bag in Khaki Camouflage Haircalf

Large Cara Delevingne Bag in Black Quilted Nappa

Limited Edition Cara Delevingne Bag in Taupe Silky Classic Calf with Lion Rivets

Cara Delevingne Bag in Indigo Quilted Nappa 
Mini Cara Delevingne Bag in Monochrome Camouflage Haircalf

Cara Delevingne Bag in Indigo Quilted Nappa


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