I’m not sure why, but I always seem to reject seasonal stereotypes. The best example of this I can think of is that whenever I’ve gone blonde (which is a lot) it’s generally happened in winter, then I change it back to brunette in summer – kind of the exact opposite of everyone else. At the moment the same is going for clothes, for quite a while now my sartorial choices have been getting less and less colourful and I find myself gravitating more towards black constantly.

Or sometime black and white, or variations such as grey but you get the picture. Maybe it’s my hair, being totally bleached out a la Emily Weiss now, and all the limitations that come with it. In truth I think I’m being influenced by the whole off-duty model style thing. It doesn’t seem to matter that I’m not a model of any sort, its just nice to dream right? My latest loves are a pair of black leather combat boots from H&M, the comfiest thing in the entire world. SCREW Uggs, buy these instead. I don’t really see myself taking them off once I move to London. I’m also having a bit of a denim thing at the moment which is quite unprecedented since last year I would actively go out of my way to find anything BUT jeans to wear. Rips or distression of some sort is a must, skinny is a must, rolled hems are a must. I feel a little as if I’m slowly settling into My Style, something I didn’t really have during my experimental first year of college which resulted in some rather Out There ensembles (putting it nicely). The only thing I’m really wary of is getting stuck in a fashion rut, but at the current moment in time without a penny to my name, its rather a nice feeling knowing that I’ve got my ripped jeans and my combat boots to fall back on.
Sunglasses – Bank, Biker Jacket – H&M, T-Shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, Jeans – Burton (ripped knees customised), Boots – H&M, Watch – Michael Kors, Jewellery – assorted



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