I love certain things about summer in England, and one of them is the golden light the sun casts at the end of each day. Like New York, there’s a lot of grey light in Britain, so its nice to be feel a little Californian for a couple of hours. 

I was just headed off to a BBQ with this look. It’s casual and summery but the denim on denim makes it a little more interesting. I’m well aware of many people’s vehement hatred of double denim, but I love it – call it the Kardashian effect! This was a little bit of a challenge because I didn’t have my normal camera to shoot it on. Its hard enough trying to pose so that I look remotely passable, but without the help of my usual Canon DSLR it was nearly impossible. My friend actually took these on my iPhone, so please excuse the bad quality. I’m gonna go ahead and say that the blurriness makes it look more like a hazy summer day so just go with it!
xoxo Thomas
Sunglasses – Bank, Shirt – Hollister, Shorts – H&M, Boat Shoes – Sebago, Watch – Daniel Wellington (Glasgow), Jewellery – Assorted

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