Other than fashion, one of my major loves is hair colour. The whole process has really intrigued me for a while now and I stalk famous colourists Instagram accounts obsessively, looking for inspiration (and generally because I’m in awe of them!). I also write pretty regularly for Beauty Editor about hair colour which is great since my editor is also my kindred hair spirit, Michelle Villett. I’m a particular fan of Marie Robinson, Johnny Ramirez and Aura Friedman. The latter of has been very prolific of late; I previously covered her new creation, ‘Splashlights’, for Beauty Editor. I’ve been platinum for a while now after reading Emily Weiss’s story My Double Process on Into The Gloss (I highly recommend) so I have the perfect base for going a temporary fashion colour… did a story on Aura Friedman transforming model Jessica Forrester from blonde to pink, which set me off on a total rose-hair-coloured tangent. It basically blows away everything you thought you knew about fashion hair colour, this AIN’T no slap-on-some-manic-panic-and-hope-for-the-best situation. Aura talks about how she mixes multiple colours, covering the cool/warm/light/dark spectrums, painting on pieces to produce some really gorgeous (and oddly natural looking) pink hair. Basically the whole thing will make you want to hotfoot it to NYC and jump in her chair at the prestigious Sally Hershberger salon.

Photo Credit: Leslie Kirchhoff for
Now, here’s a thing about me – I have a mega obsessive personality. Once I get interested in something, be it a hair colour or an item of clothing, its difficult for me to think about anything BUT this until I attain it. The bitch of it is I have a job in retail which, although I really like, won’t allow unnatural colour hair! Annoying isn’t even the word. Anyway, what all this equates to is that right now pink hair is not viable for me which really sucks, BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t still look at photos of it! 

Who knows, I might spring for some pastelly faded pink like in the above photo of Katy Perry and PRAY my work don’t notice, but we’ll have to see. What’s your dream hair colour?

xoxo Toramarra

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