Into The Gloss is one of my favourite websites ever. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of skipping over a lot of the blog subscriptions that come into my inbox – there’s only a select few that I actually open, and Into The Gloss is one of them. Considering my recent foray into the world of bleached, silver hair, I was more than excited when a post called ‘Silver Is The New Blonde’ came in, especially when I found out it featured my newly found fashion icon, Sarah Harris.
Photo credit: Into The Gloss, Photographed by Laura Allard-Fleischl

Sarah Harris is the Fashion Features Director at British Vogue; I recently posted about her magnificent jewellery box-themed wardrobe tour video alongside Bay Garnett. Apart from this I didn’t know all that much about Sarah Harris, but this interview taught three key facts which have led me to believe she is my SPIRIT ANIMAL.

  1. Sarah Harris is from Winchester in Hampshire. Although I don’t live in Winchester I’m fairly close by and I’ve just finished my A-Levels at college there, so I’ve basically spent the last two years of my live in Winchester. My friend Eve and I had this thing, Cafe Thursday, where we tried out a new cafe for breakfast every week. It only slipped in times of financial hardship, and we fully intend to carry it on in London come September, which moves me onto my second point…
  2. Sarah left Winchester for London when she started university at the London College of Fashion. She studied Fashion Promotion there, which she believes is now called Fashion Journalism… a.k.a., the very course I am studying at LCF come September! Its done her pretty well; Sarah has worked at Tatler, Women’s Wear Daily, W and, of course, British Vogue, which makes me feel pretty happy with the fact I got in as this is basically the career I desireIs this all coincidental? I think not. And lastly…
  3. …Sarah Harris has silver hair! Granted hers is naturally silver, and my hair is bleached and then dyed silver, but these are just details. I realise that I’m pushing it a bit with this one but you know what? Don’t even care.
So there you have it, three absolutely unarguable reasons why Sarah Harris and I are secretly twins. Hit me up Sarah, you know you want to!

Find Sarah’s full Into The Gloss interview here.

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