Over the past week I’ve been scouring’s photos from the London Collections: Men catwalks shows. There was a lot to love, and a little to discard and pretend I never saw (not naming names) so here are my favourites looks from most of the London shows! Grab a cup of coffee, some biscuits, maybe a three course meal because there are TONS of photos here. Lets begin:
Tiger of Sweden
I’m still learning a lot about fashion and the industry so I won’t pretend to know a lot of the designers here, and Tiger of Sweden is one of them. I liked the boxy tailoring throughout their collection and the simplicity of the block colours and classic pinstripes. 

Xander Zhou
I’m a bit of a magpie, I just LOVE shiny things so this really appeals to me. The loosely structured tailoring is great and I love how expensive the metallics look, they really flow like liquid metal.
Tom Ford
Simplistic, leather, neutral tones… whats not to love? I particularly like the second look, its more or less my day-to-day uniform.
Matthew Miller
More black, more loose tailoring, more pinstripes. Not hugely creative but very wearable, A+, I want it all.
I have a love/hate relationship with Moschino. I flat out Did Not Get the whole McDonalds thing, and this is mostly jumbled to me. I’m getting a little bored of the 90’s and I’ll be honest, I pretty much included this one for the second picture.
Richard Nicoll
Graphic and geometric, I really love the simplicity of this. It all seems really wearable and each piece would look great as a separate.
 Lou Dalton
Again, this is wearable simplicity. The red jumper in particular is one of my favourite pieces from all of the collections.
Geometric is clearly going to be a big thing for SS15 (and apparently so are Disney Villains – Maleficent anyone?)
Markus Lupfer
This is really nice to see. I read a while back that dark florals were going to be big in menswear and if this is anything to go by, I’m totally up for it. Mixing it with the stripes is a clever way to clash without being distracting. 
 Jonathon Saunders
Nice! This is all very 70’s to me, but in a way thats not overly costume-y, like Moschino.
I’m just gonna put my hands up and admit that I had no idea Joseph did menswear. This is great! Again we’re seeing the dark florals and the geometric/stripes. The leather trousers are a plus, I love how the jumpers keep it kind of casual but still really high-fashion. 
JW Anderson
THE PURPLE BLAZER. This is all just so clever, I completely adore how all the pieces are totally feminine yet somehow styled into a way which makes them work for men. Notice the neckerchief, actually a knot!
Katie Eary
How Woodstock is this? Woodstock meets Wild West. Psychedelic, 70’s coming up again, and using the uniform light rinse jeans is such a great way to make the tops really stand out.
Kent & Curwen
I loved this collection so much I couldn’t limit myself to five looks, so I picked ten. It reminds me quite a bit of Zara at the moment which can only be a good thing! 
Kit Neale
This is 90’s the right way. It feels less cluttered to me and I’d love to use some of these pieces as separates rather than all at once for a subtler effect. 
 Margaret Howell
Kind of Calvin Klein, I like! Simple and effective. 
 A Sauvage
This reminds me of my own wardrobe, especially the jackets. Being totally honest I included the last pic because of the model’s hair, the outfit is a little too Beetlejuice for me.
Ada + Nik
Black = easy to wear, I would literally kill for the second look, and I’d kill for the boy in the third look so this is a SUCCESS.
Alexander McQueen
Its McQueen and really, thats would be enough, but I just love this. I’m really into tailoring and this is such a creative take on all the classic ideals of formal menswear. 
 Burberry Prorsum
Burberry will always be about the trench coat but I love how they’ve updated the camel classic with aqua tones. The jewel-coloured fourth look is one of my favourite.
Metallics are baaaack! I missed out last time and I refuse to again. The fourth look in particular I love, the slouchy t-shirt has such a great print that could translate really well to casual or formal wear. 
Christopher Kane
Love! 70’s, geometric, black, blue, orange… all things I love and covet. This hits it out the park but I’m not sure some of it is very Spring/Summer. 
Again, I really like the slouchy take on the classic menswear. DKNY keeps it interesting with the shiny fabrics and the use of navy rather than black.
Dunhill went a little Gatsby-meets-country-club with this one but its nice! I especially like the second, third and fifth look, its quite classically British but not dull or tweedy.
 Gieves & Hawkes
I have a bit of a thing for denim biker jackets (even though this appears to be blue suede), I think a little bit of bad taste never hurt anyone, and sometimes I wish I could just dress like this all the time… But I’d get too bored. Nice, nothing new!
Hackett London
I told you I was a magpie and I wasn’t joking, the pink shirt is going on my Covet list! Again the pinstripes are  definitely a thing but overall its pretty much classic Hackett London. 
Hardy Amies
Again, very standard British tailoring kind of looks. Smart and classic but nothing new.
I half dig and half hate this. The fourth look just reminds me of the Fun Song Factory presenters back in the 90’s, and I’d thank everyone at huntergather for it to stay there. The rest is pretty fun! 70’s and 90’s mixed?
John Smedley
There wasn’t much for this one but I really like the gradient ombre colour shirts so I threw it in to round it off! Its blocky and geometric which is the perfect end to this little list.

So there you have it! Geometric, 70’s and stripes look like they’ll all be big for SS15. I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the Milan and Paris collections, I think they’ll be a little more to my taste. What do you think, what was your favourite collection?

xoxo Toramarra

All photos via British Vogue

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