Ladies and gentlemen, the world is in mourning. 

Possibly the greatest Model Hair to come out of Brazil (a grand statement considering Victoria’s Secret’s penchant for Brazilian Angels i.e. Alessandro Ambrosio and Adriana Lima) has been cruelly taken from the world – Gisele’s gone for a buzz cut.

I immediately emailed Michelle Villett, my hair kindred spirit, the second I saw it on Twitter; “Just saw this and HAD to show you in case you hadn’t seen, but LOOK WHAT GISELE DID FOR BALENCIAGA (!!!!!!!!!) From what the internet is saying I am almost 100% certain that this is not any sort of computer magic and that she has actually got a buzz cut now. I’m in mourning of the greatest ombré balayage hair in the world.” To which she replied “Oh my godddd! This is a tragedy! What was she thinking!? I am sure Harry Josh is not amused! I hope it’s not real.” 

She gets me.

There are two things that save it in my eyes: a) it actually does look pretty incredible. She is, after all, Gisele – looking anything less than flawless WHATEVER her hairstyle isn’t really her THING, and b) its for one of the most prestigious fashion houses (and one of my personal favourites), Balenciaga. Seeing as Alexander Wang has taken the reigns as Creative Director it’s no surprise that the brand has channelled a grittier, urban/militant edge… Its just a little more Casey Legler than classic Gisele (personally I think Casey would have been SO perfect for this) but obviously, Gisele is Gisele. 

Alexander Wang said of the Fall/Winter campaign, shot by Steven Klein ““This is how I see Gisele for Balenciaga; strong, powerful, mysterious and uncompromising”
“This season we worked with this idea of vanity, staged in a room filled with mirrors. But the cracked mirror is a continuing thread from the marble veins and creeping ivy leaves from seasons past.”

Anthony Turner styled Gisele’s hair for the campaign, whatever there was left of it anyway… For now, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it is actually real, although I’m pretty certain it is! I leave you with this reminder of Gisele pre-chop:What are your thoughts on this pressing matter?
xoxo Toramarra

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