Yesterday I was talking about how in fashion there are basics; staple items that everyone should own. One area I neglected to mention was accessories. A few days ago an email popped in from Into The Gloss about their collaboration with Warby Parker, the fashionable, philanthropic eyewear company leading the way with affordable and stylish glasses.

Emily Weiss and Nick Axelrod, the co-founders of ITG, collaborated with Warby Parker to produce a small collection of aviator sunglasses, which Weiss describes as “like leather jackets – when they’re perfect, they give you “instant cool”. They’re the Alexa Chung of sunglasses”. More effective in shifting one’s total look from meh to yeah! at a moment’s notice than even, dare I say it, a bold red mouth.

The sunglasses are named 10-01; the prescription glasses are 10-02. Available for men and women, they come in the colour choice of Jet Silver or Polished Gold. Price points are $145 and $195 and they can be bought here. On a final note, Emily’s hair in these photo’s (shot by Brayden Olsen) is absolute silvery perfection and is making me want to silver up my hair as soon as possible.
All photos via Into The Gloss, photographed by Brayden Olsen

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