I have a love/hate relationship with trends. On the one hand I’m a firm believer that style trumps fashion, ever since I discovered mine this year, but I love to see what is new and exciting every season as well. Trends definitely influence they way I dress, I just hate the idea of buying something today and it being old news tomorrow. I never buy something I don’t genuinley love and know I’ll wear the hell out of. That aside, I like to be adventurous and try new things and its always good to update your style and keep it current, so thats where the SS15 collections come in. From London, to Milan, to Paris, the SS15 menswear collections have landed. I ran through and picked the best looks from the shows which you can see in the links above. Now, here’s the digest; what the seven key trends that I picked up from all of the shows were, who showed them and where you could wear them. What, Who, Where! 
Who: Fendi, Bottega Veneta, Issey Miyake, Missoni
Where: Anywhere, festivals 
I’m starting with one of my favourites. This is a really nice way to embrace a closer-to-nature, less city click/sophisticated look whilst still being really beautiful and modern. Sand and rock or water – which do you choose?

Who: Kit Neale, Vivienne Westwood, Antonio Marras, Walter Van Beirendonck, Moschino
Where: Nowhere(?), the city
 Now we have one of the more, ehem, questionable trends. It takes a lot to wear this; a lot of confidence and quite possibly a lot of colour-blindness. With that in mind, the newsprint t-shirt is a winner in my eyes for referencing Sex and the City.
Who: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Iceberg, MAN, Kenzo, Emporio Armani
Where: The city
 Love this! Totally wearable in that you can choose what degree you go for. Do you go all in with 3.1 Phillip Lim, or just subtly nod to the trend with Kenzo or Emporio Armani? Another thing I love about this is that there’s a way to wear for daytime and nighttime. 
Who: Xander Zhou, Christophe Lemaire, Paul Smith, La Perla
Where: Summer in the city
 I love this but I have doubts about how it would look on real people vs the models. It is a universally accepted fact that models can wear almost anything and pretty much werq the hell out of it, but I feel like if I walked down the street in this I’d appear about a stone heavier.
Who: Wooyoungmi, Xander Zhou, Casely-Hayford, Belstaff
Where: Anywhere, nightlife
 This is another versatile one that could be easily transferred to day or night, smart or casual. Owning that Belstaff jacket could actually complete my life, I’m sure of it. Burberry did this a while ago with some more electric colours but I feel like the silver and gold is more luxurious and might stick a bit more.
Who: Thom Browne, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Markus Lupfer, Joseph
Where: Anywhere, the city or the country
 I know for a fact that this is a thing, its already on the high-streets (I’m eyeing up a pair of Topman trousers for a nearby purchase) and I’m sure I heard something about it originating from Givenchy, but I could be totally making that up. What I love about this is that it makes it perfectly acceptable for men to wear florals without the obvious Cath Kidston-ness being a problem.
Who: Katie Eary, Alexander McQueen, huntergather, Daks, Christopher Kane
Where: Festivals, the city
Hmm. On the one hand, I kind of hate it. On the other, I kind of love it. I think it’s a case of a bit of bad taste. You need to throw all GOOD taste out the window and just embrace the colour and prints. Katie Eary does it best for me, hands down.

So there you have it, seven trends for menswear SS15. Whats your favourite?

xoxo Toramarra

All photos via British Vogue

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