When does a blogger change from being the person we look to for reports on the fashion industry, and start becoming reported on themselves? Bryanboy, Susie Bubble, Man Repeller, Courtney Trop… They are all (in fashion circles) famous in their own right now, arguably as important as the editors, stylists and designers themselves. Personally my favourite blogger of all time has to be Adam Gallagher of I Am Galla. 

I saw a tweet today from Topman about an interview they did with him when he was over in London for the men’s collections, and I had to share!I first discovered Galla a year or so ago and ever since I’ve been OBSESSED, not only because I’m convinced he is the most gorgeous man alive, but because he has no set style. Or he didn’t used to anyway; in recent years he has become a lot more suit-and-tie oriented and he definitely seems to have drawn some of that inspiration from our very own LDN: “There is such an emergence now of the idea of being suited and booted. It’s nice. People in NY wear a lot of black, there’s more colour in London, but I feel that if you fit in here you fit in there. The biggest difference is the culture. NY isn’t so well-mannered and there aren’t that many morals, people just do their own thing. London is more, you know… They have a foundation and they respect their Queen and what not.” As a soon-to-be Londonite, I’ll see if what he says is true… Read the full interview and see all the pics on Topman’s magazine website here.

xoxo Toramarra

Photo and quote via Topman/Alastair Nicol

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