As you will know if you follow this blog, I’ve had blonderexia for quite a while now. Although at first it only manifested itself as a highlighted shade, a couple of months ago it progressed to full-blown bleached platinum.

The upkeep isn’t exactly a dream (roots start to properly show after about five days but if you look extra closely you can see black spots coming through the very next day) and lately I’ve been using a particularly aggressive bleach called Jerome Russell BBlonde. With Bleach London’s bleach, it didn’t hurt my scalp whatsoever; this literally feels like my scalp is on fire. It’s actually painful now and everytime I do it, with the mixture cooking on my head, I’m left wondering whether this will be the time it all falls out. On the one hand I hate it, mainly for the aforementioned reasons above, but also because it restricts you for what you can wear – only truly chic clothes cut it which is a particular problem in summer. On the other hand, the thought of not having my platinum hair is panic-inducing, so I guess for now it stays. I’ve written more about my platinum adventures over on Beauty Editor, so head here to read them, a second post is coming soon!

xoxo Toramarra

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