I’ve spoken before about how much I like Kendall Jenner. She actually makes a great model and I’m glad that the fashion world is looking past her name, since people get SERIOUSLY judgemental over that.

And now she’s landed not one but TWO covers for Teen Vogue’s September 2014 issue. Its sort of like fashion Jekyll and Hyde, the first one is sweet, feminine and innocent, the second is moody, androgynous and steely. Emma Summerton shot Kendall in looks inspired directly by the AW14 runways, including Miu Miu, Givenchy, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Coach. The makeup and styling is interesting too, Kendall keeps her oft-bleached brows for part of the shoot and even has a full fringe for another, then cornrows in more than one shot. It’s a very diverse spread, to say the least. Watch two behind-the-scenes video’s of the cover shoot below.
What’s your favourite look, and which cover will you be getting, or both!?

xoxo Toramarra

All photos and video’s via Teen Vogue/Emma Summerton

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