For today’s post I’ve decided to introduce a new feature called Style File, in which I will document the fashion sense of people I admire, and also because Style File is totally original and has probably never been done before… right? The first Style File is focused on Trevor Duke-Moretz. Trevor is an actor and producer, and also the brother of Chloe Grace Moretz, another person who Always Gets It Right

Apart from the fact that he’s really gorgeous, he’s also very stylish in that low-key, I-Travel-All-The-Time kind of way. Its nice to see a fairly simplistic style which works for any sort of occasion. Have a look at the photo’s I’ve collected below, all of which also include Chloe. In fact there ONLY seems to be photos of Trevor when he is with Chloe, probably because they seem to be joined at the hip – how cute, right? This is definitely a protective older brother! 

Apart from his style choices there is also his hair, which is that rare thing of mystical beauty when a man can wear beautifully highlighted shoulder-length tresses and still look totally masculine. Jared Leto does it, as does Brad Pitt, but I think thats about it. Trevor, Jared and Brad, you’re doing it well. I’m also seriously envious of this because I’m trying to grow out my bleached to fuck hair and, although I’m not looking for this sort of length (I would look straight up female) its just too dead to grow right now. I stole these pics from his Instagram account (which I recommend you follow) so I hope you don’t mind Trevor! Too good not to share.
What do you think of Trevor’s style?

xoxo Toramarra

Photos via internet/Trevor’s Instagram, follow Trevor on Twitter

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