The 2014 Teen Choice Awards rolled around on Sunday night, and the first Instagram pics from the event were popping into my feed as I went to bed. I would have posted this on Monday but it was an insanely busy day for me, so here it is now! I’ve compiled my list of the best dressed. I don’t really believe in worst dressed lists because its all down to personal opinion and I feel that the celebrities who get put in the ‘Worst Dressed’ category are often the most inventive ones who are willing to break the mould. That being said, this is the Teen Choice Awards and NO ONE is ever really that inventive. There’s very little (maybe nothing) that I actually hate here so lets just go for it! 

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez looks pretty damn incredible doesn’t she? I just love it when female celebs wear tuxedos, so so chic. Selena picked Saint Laurent for the night and (just as you would expect) it served her well. The gold accessories are a great off-set to all the black.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall has been taking the fashion world by storm recently, and unlike most of the internet I actually love this look. Only thing I would have changed is that an off-white colour would have been a little softer, but overall the understated hair and makeup works beautifully with the outfit.
Shailene Woodley
Is this my favourite look of the night? It might just be! Shailene absolutely killed it in this Peter Pilotto dress, it fits her like a glove and I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect or fun for a teen event. My only tiny gripe is that I wish she had worn a bolder lip, just because with the slicked back hair it’s a tad underwhelming.
Debby Ryan
OK, so I really ummed and ahhed about this one. I spent FOREVER trying to find this picture because I was convinced it was going straight to the top of my best-dressed list, but the more I looked at it the more I found wrong with it. Its just a little TOO covered up, if it had been completely sleeveless then the high-neck would have worked beautifully but here it looks a kind of uniform-y. Never the less I do really like it and I applaud Debby for being generally one of my favourite celebs at the moment. Claps for Debby.
Kim Kardashian
Another one I struggled with initially, but the sheer tenacity won me over. I think it would have been a little more flattering if the zebra print around the middle had been vertical rather than horizontal, and I love the leather crop top. Plus the girl looks FLAWLESS and not a day over 25 (she’s nearing 34!).

Ariana Grande
Kicking off the ‘ehh…?’ category is Ariana Grande, my absolute number one favourite singer of late. Unfortunately she was not my number one best dressed. Its a nice dress and its cute and its very Grande BUT I fear that the detailing just gets lost in the photos. Also the hair and makeup is the same as always and after a while it just gets repetitive. Ariana, I get the whole ruined-hair-due-to-bleaching deal, but there must be SOME other style that can work for you. Something. Anything. We beg.
Taylor Swift
Taylor!!! Whilst I commend you for making a style choice thats quite radically different to usual, there something about this that just feels quite off for me. Maybe its the fact that I have a mahogany table the same shade as her legs, but I’m just not feeling this outfit. Its either too casual for a big awards ceremony (even though it is Teen Choice) or too stiff for such a young audience. It kind of looks like if she sat down the skirt would just crack in half. Also, the yellow shoes with the green dress! Noooooo.
Cher Lloyd
I actually do like this and it would of made the best-dressed if she didn’t look so damn uncomfortable. Also the sheer panels end up looking a bit cheap when they bunch up, the whole thing could have been tailored a little better. Other than that I adore her Hollywood glossy makeover.
Kylie Jenner
Again, not bad but not great. I love the skirt but the crop top is a bit shapeless, it just ends up making her look very square. I also feel like the straps on the shoes shorten her which isn’t what she wants to be doing when she’s stood next to Kendall, who’s legs alone are about 9ft tall. But she does look really beautiful! I just would have preferred it if she had followed her OWN style a bit more, because she always looks great in what she wears on her Instagram account. Its more unique than this, which feels a little cloned.
Gregg Sulkin
Nice to see the boys showing up with good style. Again, I like this, its classic and he looks handsome, but I always think that at these sort of events where the guys DO have a bit of styling freedom (other than tuxedo’s) they should really take that opportunity to step it up BIG time. Its fine, just maybe a little dull.

Christ gurl, what the hell happened to you? Whilst I applaud your supermodel figure in this dress, the dress ITSELF is just all kinds of wrong. Also I really don’t like the hair texture, as Michelle said on Beauty Editor, it just can’t decide what it wants to be. Sorry Zendaya, this ones a big miss.
Chloë Grace Moretz
Chloë!! What happened?! Remember how just the other day I was saying how she and her brother Trevor Always Get It Right? Well obviously I jinxed that. Whilst I don’t actually hate some of the outfit per say, it just does not work together. The hard-edged shapes of the jacket, shorts and bandeau make her look like she’s made out of lego, so square! Its a shame because she’s really beautiful (the Moretz family clearly never do anything wrong with their hair) but this doesn’t do her any favours.
Lea Michele
Apart from the fact that she looks like she’s been baked a little too long, this dress looks quite cheap and tacky. Paired with the roasted tan the whole things comes off a bit Playboy. The shoes look cheap as well and the overall effect is dated. There’s not much more I can say except that I think Lea needs a styling team upgrade.
Ansel Elgort
This was heartbreaking for me. I literally LOVE Ansel so so much, but I just couldn’t justifiably give this one a pass. Its a shame because when I saw a close up of him the waist up, I loved it, but the trousers, shoes, sweater and shirt are SO ageing! Its like a grandad just popped on this beautiful blue biker and decided to go to the TCA’s. Really guys, please remember that no one benefits from you adhering to ‘trends’ when they make you look as dated as this. 

Special commendation goes to Ansel Elgort, Shailene Woodley and Nat Wolff. Ansel’s outfit looks marginally better here but really, its saved by having the impeccably dressed Shailene and Nat by his side. 
So there it is guys, my best and worst dressed of the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. What did you think, do you agree with my decisions? Who won (and lost) the style stakes in your eyes?

xoxo Toramarra

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