It feels like just yesterday I was anxiously checking Google to see if the US Vogue September 2013 cover had been released yet, so excited was I to finally see who had won the coveted role of September cover girl. That magical time is upon us again, where the biggest names in fashion publishing start to churn out those beautiful, phone-book size September issues, filled to the brim with the newest ad campaigns and, of course, the most important features of the year. I’m honestly not being sarcastic or cynical, because I find genuine excitement in seeing the end result of months of work and hundreds of thousands of pounds and dollars spent, creating the most talked about cover’s of the year.

Of course, the one we were ALL waiting for is US Vogue. And just as it did last year, the September cover has been leaked via Instagram, this time from everyone’s favourite fashion blogger Bryanboy, and North Park Center.

Gracing the issue is Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls and Cara Delevingne, a.k.a The Instagirls! The magazine’s return to putting models on the cover has been widely lauded, even in the few short hours since it leaked in the first place! I’ll do another post when a proper photo of the cover is released, so watch this space. In the mean time I have compiled a list of my favourite September 2014 issues. A couple I have already covered are included, such as Cara Delevingne’s British Vogue cover and Kendall Jenner’s dual Teen Vogue cover, but this list also includes ELLEW and Harper’s Bazaar; get ready for some magazine magnificence!

Harper’s Bazaar UK
One of my all-time favourite models, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, cover’s Harper’s Bazaar UK. This might be my favourite September cover so far guys! How ethereal is she here? The pink fur thing is so beautifully juxtaposed against her hair, its simple but really a work of art. 
 British Vogue
I’ve already done a separate post about this cover. It is nice, it’s just not especially different from a normal cover as a September Issue should be (I think, anyway!). I preferred her January cover.
 Does anyone actually read InStyle in the UK? I feel like its one of those things everyone knows about but I never really see it in stores, unless its in WHSmith. To me this cover seems a bit dull and slightly lazy. I would have expected something a little more popping, especially as it’s the “20th Anniversary Mega-Issue”, but the lovely Julia Roberts is radiant as usual.
Teen Vogue
 Again, already done a post for this. I really enjoyed Kendall’s two covers, I think they’re both beautiful and tasteful enough to not be Kartrashian. Plus, let’s face it; any cover line about hair colour is going to get me hooked.
Harper’s Bazaar US
ALL HAIL QUEEN GAGA, retaining her rightful throne as a September cover girl and introducing Asia, her puppy! I love US Harper’s Bazaar because they can be very edgy and Terry Richardson at times, or flip it all over and become very Mario Testino, classic fashion-y. This is one of the latter moments and I think it works really well. Special commendation as well to the subscriber cover, featuring Audrey Hepburn’s granddaughter Emma Ferrer.
Vogue Japan
This is just so classically Asian to me. Very clean and striking, great use of primary colours, really making these iconic supermodel’s faces the centre of attention. This is an example of when simple works well and really pays off.
Another title that doesn’t have much presence in the UK. I love W covers because they are always so innovative and striking, and this is no exception. I’m not a Rihanna fan but you can’t say she isn’t stunning and this super-simplistic, tribal cover is testament to that. I love the blurred effect as well.
Kate Upton, ah. I feel like Kate is probably a really nice person. I liked her in The Other Woman (even though she had about three lines in the entire thing), and sure, she’s pretty, but I also find her a bit plain looking. I think Kate is more suited to commercial than editorial. I don’t really agree with this choice and the whole cover looks a bit late 90’s US Vogue, and not in a good way.
Vanity Fair
And THIS everyone, THIS is why Conde Nast is killing it, because they just do NOT get it wrong. How truly beautiful is this? Natalia Vodianova eyes are so piercing, like an Old Hollywood blonde bombshell mixed with a Bond Girl. The ribbon-font on the Style completes the whole look. Maybe I was wrong, perhaps THIS is my favourite September 2014 cover??
…Eh? Nothing about this cover is right. The yellow font is all totally wrong, I’m not sure what they were thinking. I know Kristen Stewart is physically incapable of smiling (it would be ‘selling out’ apparently) but I feel like she is practically telling you not to buy the magazine. Its like her ice-cold expression is literally repelling me right now. Big miss. 

Until we get our hands on US Vogue’s September 2014 cover, my favourite’s are Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar UK. As soon as it’s announced I’ll have a post up! So what do you think of the current September covers? Which comes out on top for you?

xoxo Toramarra


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