Ages ago I did a post about wanting to go pink, but I never went through it with because I was restricted by my work (it wasn’t actually ages, it just feels like that since I’ve been off college for so long). I’ve been platinum for a while now but the maintenance is just getting to be too much, even for a jaded dye-addict like myself. I’ve decided to return to more of a highlighted dark blonde, but before that happens I’m not missing a chance to go pink with this perfect base!

With determination, my scraped-together Boots points and the fact that I didn’t have work for a whole week in mind (plenty of time to wash out the colour, I hope) I went to the store and picked up Bleach London’s Super Cool Colours in Awkward Peach. Ever since seeing this iconic photo of a baby Kate taken by Juergen Teller I’ve been obsessed with this warm, peachy pink, and Awkward Peach seemed like the only colour on the market that came close.

I applied the colour the first time after mixing some with conditioner, and it barely did anything whatsoever. It did tone it ever so slightly to a warm white, if such a thing exists, which I preferred to the iced-out purple based shade. BUT – it wasn’t pink! I tried again, this time leaving it on straight for half an hour and the results were a lot more vibrant.
Here’s what it looked like during development, pretty spectacular. Now, I have a confession to make. I was very very bad and did not take a proper picture of it right after I’d done it, because it was dark and horrible weather. The next morning I washed it because I had a Skype interview, so luckily I took a Photo Booth picture. So tumblr.
As you can hopefully see (I know it doesn’t show up that brilliantly on photos) the colour came out a really nice pastel warm peachy pink, more pink that peach. Its kind of like a minky colour and I love it. Here’s a couple more obligatory selfies with the new hair, because selfies are what I do when I get a new colour. 
Overall I’m a little confused about this dye. Whilst I really like the colour, it’s not very peach. Bleach London also have a colour called Rose which is a proper pink, so I would have wanted this to be slightly more of a warm peach. Nevertheless, it’s a lovely colour and I’m hopeful it’ll fade out wonderfully, and just in time for work! What do you think? Would you try this colour?

xoxo Toramarra

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