Sorry I’m a little late to the party here but if you read my last post hopefully you’ll understand. The VMA’s were on Sunday and they were spectacular! The attendee’s, for the most part, really stepped it up this time. Here’s my list of the best and worst looks of the night!

Chloë Grace Moretz
Sosososo much better than the Teen Choice Awards. Some people hated the outfit but they must be inordinately basic, because how can you not appreciate this? Not only does she look sophisticated, Chloë shows exactly how being covered up doesn’t have to mean looking like a nun.

Demi Lovato
On quite the other end of the scale from covered up we have Demi Lovato, who still looks incredible. Whilst it’s not exactly subtle she is oozing old Hollywood Glamour. Very striking!

Darren Criss
Simple and effective, Darren looks HOT as usual! It’s got that laid-back California style to it that fits in well with the event (after all, this is where Miley Cyrus effectively ended a marriage dressed as an adult baby. Just sayin’.)
 Iggy Azalea
Oh lord Iggy, you just do it so well. Wearing a dress quite similar to J.Lo, her figure really takes centre stage here and the beading really highlights the silhouette, allowing it to shine. Altogether a great look!
 Nicki Minaj
I’m really pleased with this one because Nicki seems to have found a middle ground between the craziness of her Pink Friday era and the recent (and slightly boring) more natural look. And it works. Her hair and makeup are beautiful and the dress is the perfect example of the boobs-or-legs rule; whilst the skirt couldn’t be much shorter, the covered top half keeps it looking classy and sexy.
Miley Cyrus
In a slightly surprising turn from Miley (since last year she made VMA history) she looks pretty conservative, but in a very chic and still sexy way. The bra-let with the natural hair and makeup is perfect, though I do kind of miss the teddy-bear bodysuit…
 Ariana Grande
Damn. Ariana is really trying to prove she’s no tweeny-bopper anymore isn’t she. Jeremy Scott scored a huge win here (especially since he himself looked all kinds of #NO) and actually Ariana, its really not bad. I feel like it would be sexier without the ponytail but I get that it needs to grow out more, and it looks better here than usual.
Lucy Hale
 How cute is this! Lucy rarely gets it wrong and this proves to be no exception. As usual she looks pretty with a bit of edge, and the crop top/skirt combo works very well on her petite figure. 
 Gregg Sulkin
This is so simple yet wonderfully smart. Just having the contrast of the black trousers, white shirt without a tie and the silky blue blazer makes this look really striking and classic, and it doesn’t distract from Gregg himself. Which is definitely a good thing.
Kendall Jenner
It’s a tad on the safe/boring side but it works. Not tons to say about it really, except that this is definitely a supermodel outfit. I am finding myself a bit bored by the repetitiveness of the hair and makeup though, I feel as if something a little more undone would have been a lot chicer, in a Parisian way, with the jumpsuit.
Kim Kardashian
Lots of people hated this look but actually, I say good for you Kim K. She looks pretty great, even if the cleavage situation takes it to a whole new level – how much boob tape was required for this?? Joan Smalls did something very similar, which I’ll get to soon, but of the two I think I prefer this look – definitely best for the shorter girls.
Kylie Jenner
And now for the greatest look of the night, we have Kylie Jenner. It’s becoming very clear that Kylie is the most stylish and experimental of all the Kardashian clan and this entire look is just oh so right. With the shortish bob and the thigh-high split, its sophisticated, fresh and glamorous in a way never before seen on a Kardashian. Also can we remember that she is seventeen here? Seventeen. Madness.
Solange Knowles
Wearing H&M, Solange has one of my favourite looks of the night. I’m a sucker for women in tuxedo’s (remember Selena’s and Angelina’s?) but with the hair and the pink-tipped false lashes, this takes it to a sexier, more flirtatious level. It is the VMA’s after all!
Jennifer Lopez
Looking similar to Iggy, J.Lo looks good as ever at 45. Its very daring and revealing and not many would attempt it after 35 let alone 45 so well done for that alone. Of the two I prefer Iggy’s dress however, the fitted silhouette works best in my opinion, but the top half fits her like a glove.
Joan Smalls
This is the tall-girl version of Kim K’s dress. It works really well on Joan because really, what doesn’t, and the blue is a little more fun and Californian. I feel like the high neckline makes this a bit more high-fashion than the plunging V seen on Kim however.
I don’t love this but I certainly don’t hate it. When you look closer you can see how beautiful the embellishment is but really, it’s a little disappointing when you look at the whole thing. Despite this it fits her well and its simple enough for the hair to be the star.

Oh Beyoncé, what a shame. Unfortunately this dress looks pretty cheap and tacky, especially coupled with the dreadful earrings. Plus the panels would have looked so much better sheer, this spiders-web effect reminds me a lot of those plastic chokers from the 90’s.
Amber Rose
Do I even need to say it? #NO
Jessie J
Congrats to Jessie J for her excellent impression of a key lime pie. I can barely believe how utterly vile this is. From the colour to the dress shape to the neckline, nothing works, it’s as though she went to a fancy dress store and found an Ancient Greece costume in the bargain bin. #NO
Austin Mahone
At what point did some stylist put together this ridiculous, Bieber-esque outfit and decide it was fashionable? Austin, don’t go down Bieber’s route, stick to your own style choices (we know he can put a look together from his social media). You look ridiculous and you’re better than this.
Taylor Swift
I don’t even know what to say except that the outfit appears to be made from 80’s sofa covering. Oh well, at least now we know she’ll just Shake It Off.
Jourdan Dunn
Now others may disagree but I find this incredibly dull. The skirt and bandeau could have been made by wrapping two piece of material around her and safety pinning them, where’s the adventure Jourdan? Also not a fan of the hair at all, it kind of masks her beautiful face. The whole thing is just off.

Obviously this is a homage/parody of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spear’s ill-fated denim ensemble all those years ago, so it doesn’t really qualify for best or worst dressed. In a weird way I kind of don’t hate Katy’s version!

What do you think? I’m quietly pleased this year, I think that for the most part our favourite celebs have stepped it up. Without a doubt Kylie Jenner wins it for me in the style stakes, with Chloë Grace Moretz and Solange Knowles trailing close behind. Taylor, don’t worry; there’s always next year!

xoxo Toramarra

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