The thing no one tells you about moving to university is that it can be lonely. Right now I’m living in London, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world and as excited as I am to be here, it’s a big place. My new building is massive and not many people are here yet, but it’ll pick up soon enough.

The thing you quickly find after moving out is that you need to entertain and distract yourself wherever possible, so I hopped on the tube to have a little explore. After wandering aimlessly around an enormous shopping centre for an hour or two, trying on clothes here, there and everywhere, I went back to my old faithful; Hollister. Now, I’m attending a fashion university and Hollister is not exactly beloved by fashionable youths… except me it seems (and my friend Megan – need I remind you of how stylish she is?). What can I say, their jeans fit me better than anywhere else’s! There is something very comforting about their reliable Southern Californian aesthetic that’s just so easy to wear, and it makes me think of home. Then of course, there’s American Vogue, a.k.a. The Bible. I’ve never read an issue that hasn’t had me captivated and the September 2014 volume delivered nothing less. In the coming week’s as I continue to adjust to London life I’ll continue to post about the move, and also about New York Fashion Week which is well under way! 

xoxo Toramarra

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