There are famous people, and then there are what I like to call fashion famous people. The people who fall into the latter category  are the one’s that get me really excited, and while today’s Style File subject may not be a household name, ask anyone in fashion and their eyes will glint with admiring recognition. Caroline De Maigret is a ridiculously chic French supermodel, music producer and Chanel muse. Daughter to swimming champion Isabelle Poniatowski and Count Bertrand de Maigret, Caroline has a certain regality in her blood that always comes across in her photos.

I, like the rest of the world, have a bizarre fascination with  the elusive Parisian woman. Except they aren’t really that elusive at all, there are hundreds of thousands of them! The elusive part is the myths built up around them, that they are somehow effortlessly chic and flawless 24/7, naturally rail thin and never too put together as to seem try-hard. These are just some of the myths debunked in the new book How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits. Written by De Maigret and her three close friends Sophie Mas, Anne Berest and Audrey Diwan, the book is described by the authors as ‘a fresh and spirited take on what it really means to be a Parisian’;

“We are four Parisian women who have been friends for ages.  We are very different in many ways, but always agree about the important things.  Our aim here is to give you an insight into the quintessentially Parisian art of being a woman.”

Anyway, this isn’t about the book, its about Caroline and her fabulous style. For me she truly epitomise’s the unfinished, imperfect fashion that says ‘I don’t really care about this outfit, it was the first thing I saw in my closet this morning’. Let’s also talk about her beauty. Caroline has a big nose, or rather a prominent nose that is excellently balanced by her choppy fringe. Now, this makes me really, really, really happy. I have a big nose too, and I take comfort in the fact that its this nose that makes her so beautiful, mainly because it makes her unique; you can spot her instantly amongst a sea of clone-like models.

On the subject of her hair. In interviews she has stated that she goes to Stephane Pous to get her hair dyed, who does a background colour then a lighter colour around her face to brighten and frame it. She doesn’t condition it (but she uses a mask once a week), she doesn’t blow dry it, she doesn’t brush it. She uses dry shampoo because she likes the texture, and I agree with her on this. Basically, she’s super laid back and awesome about it, and I love her for this. I only wish I could be as chilled when it comes to my hair (but I’m really not). 

Finally, her style. Now I don’t think there is a ton to say about her fashion sense, except she just always makes it work and makes it beautifully laid back, relaxed yet chic. Caroline is a fan of denim and of loose, masculine shapes when it comes to her clothes. Notice how she never wears jewellery, its as if she simply doesn’t have the time! I’ve assembled some of my favourite pictures of her, mainly street style, some professional, none of them belonging to me (if you find a photo that’s yours and want them taken down, just email me at toramarra AT gmail DOT com).
What do you think of Caroline De Maigret and her Style File?

xoxo Toramarra

Images collected from the internet, follow Caroline on Instagram/Twitter

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