If you know me at all, you know I have a very obsessive personality. I go through stages, and for a month or two I’ll be totally one-track minded to a certain subject. Recently my obsession has been Paris.
If I had to speculate as to what (or rather, who) started this obsession, I’d look no further than Caroline de Maigret. After reading all about her new book in September US Vogue I was captivated and inspired to find out more, which I did, and promptly compiled into this Style File. Oh, and she maybe tweeted me to thank me for it. Just maybe. A weeks ago I finally bought the book. I’ll do another post going further into detail about it later on but for now let me tell you this; if you have any interest in fashion, Paris, or chic culture in the slightest, buy this book immediately. You won’t regret it. 

In celebration of the book and it’s four fabulous authors, Caroline, Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan and Anne Berest, my look for today is inspired by Paris. Gone are my skintight jeans, abandoned for a looser, more carefree boyfriend shape rolled up above the ankle. The jacket is a favourite of mine, a beautiful black velvet piece that I like to roll up at the sleeves. Underneath is my newly acquired Skate Moss t-shirt from the band Skaters. Don’t we all love a bit of intertextuality with our fashion references? I love this look because it’s easy to wear. There’s nothing that needs any particularly attention, it’s more of a throw-on-and-go outfit which, for me, perfectly epitomises Parisian style; after all, aren’t all Parisians far too busy to be worrying about their outfits?

xoxo Toramarra
Blazer – Thrifted, T-shirt – Skaters ‘Skate Moss’, Jeans – Hollister, Sneakers – Asos, Watch – Michael Kors

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