September marked the return of models to the cover of Vogue, a move applauded by the fashion industry and readers alike. After that we had Reese Witherspoon but for the November issue, Natalia Vodianova takes centre stage. It seems the models truly are back in their rightful place!

Natalia Vodianova and Benjamin Millepied, the new Director of the Paris Opera Ballet, were photographed by Annie Lebovitz in the historic space. There is a beautiful juxtaposition between the photos representing the opulence and grandeur of the ballet, and the lifelong commitment to training ballerinas go through. Hamish Bowles interviewed Millepied about his plans for the company, so you know it’s going to be a compelling piece. This is one of my favourite covers ever to come from Vogue (which is saying a lot) and I can’t wait to see it in real life! Take a look at the beautiful photos below and head over to US Vogue to read the full article.

xoxo Toramarra

All images via American Vogue/Annie Leibovitz


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