I wasn’t going to watch Taylor’s new video at first, but as I scrolled down my Twitter feed all I saw was a flood of increasingly excited/agitated tweets hashtagged #BlankSpace. I confess, I love a bit of Tay Tay – I have no time for people who continually put her down for no actual reason. 
The video is set in a 50’s style mansion complete with antique cars, stunning couture dresses and… an iPhone six? The iPhone in question is what transforms Taylor into the evil, jealousy-crazed tabloid Taylor that we’ve all come to know over the last couple of years. She even royally fucks up a classic carIt’s without a doubt the best form of revenge for all the gossip that’s been plaguing the poor girl.
Being as this is a fashion blog I couldn’t ignore the costume choices for the video. As I mentioned before the video is very 50’s inspired, and some of the dresses have a very Valentino couture look. In particular when she is running in the garden, the billowing material behind her really is stunning and you can see the intricacy of the floral embellishment. The video is well worth a watch and by the sound of things is gonna be pretty big news for the next few days. Get in on the action first, and check out the crazy horse stand at the end!
xoxo Toramarra

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