Newsflash! Advertising is big business, especially in fashion. Not exactly groundbreaking I realise, but worth mentioning for those unititiated. In the past few years brands have been dropping millions and millions on their adverts, in particular their Christmas ads. Whilst this isn’t really anything new, the rise of the internet and YouTube and social media blah blah blah… basically ads are now a really big deal. This became apparent to me when the first recommended video’s on YouTube were the M&S and John Lewis Christmas ad’s (the John Lewis one actually made me cry, which is no small feat considering I’m made of stone). Anyway, I digress. Here are some of the most recent fashion video’s that I want to bring to your attention!
M&S Christmas Advert 2014 – #FollowTheFairies
Yes, it’s a Christmas ad. No, I don’t regret putting it here. Its fun and happy and delightfully Christmassy, and actually its quite sweet at times. It doesn’t nail it like John Lewis always does but this is a far more glitzy and glamorous style of Christmas, let’s just hope it works and someone finally buys something from there.
Chanel N° 5 – The One That I Want
Chanel N° 5’s new era advert, directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Gisele. Whether you watch it because its Chanel, because of the Gatsby references, or because of Lo-Fang’s brilliant rendition of The One That I Want, it won’t disappoint. Even if you’ve seen it already on TV, the extended version is (in my opinion) far superior and offers a lot more backstory. Its been nearly a month since this was released (whoops… my bad, I know!) but I couldn’t not include it.
Kate’s World: At Home With Kate Moss (British Vogue)
British Vogue just LOVE Kate Moss because she sells so well. Despite the repetitiveness, I will admit I can’t wait to delve into the Kate-errific December issue. I always love hearing Kate speak because she actually seems so down-to-Earth and normal, even, dare I say it, cockney! The bloopers at the end are great too and its nice to see inside the supermodel’s famously private life from the woman herself.
xoxo Toramarra
All video’s via YouTube

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