Fashion films are hotly debated. Some say they are essential campaign devices but others say they are pointless, expensive and ineffective. Karl Lagerfeld has shot the last two Chanel films, starring Keira Knightley and Géraldine Chaplin, which chart the life of Coco Chanel herself.
For his latest effort, Lagerfeld has branched away from Coco; whilst Chaplin makes an appearance, she is not the main focus. Instead, we have Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne dancing and singing… and being real life paintings? My response upon watching the film for the first time was not generally favourable. In fact, I thought it was pretty crap. There seems to be no real plot, whilst the dance – the main feature – is clunky and awkward to watch. Even Géraldine wasn’t particularly convincing as the original bad bitch of fashion this time around.
After having a further look into the foundations of the film however, I decided to watch it again. The idea is that Coco was inspired by the jacket from the uniform of an Austrian bell boy. The thing is, the creepy dance doesn’t really fit into this, but I do like the overall concept and the song in particular. I don’t think its been particularly well executed but overall, I don’t hate it so much second time around. What do you think?
xoxo Toramarra

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