Nicole Richie is my spirit animal, I’ve officially decided. After binge-watching every episode of Candidly Nicole (THANK YOU YouTube) one element I was left dying to know more about was her little sister, Sofia Richie. 
Thats her above, only a couple of months after her 16th birthday. Yep, she’s only 16 and already in ELLE. On the show Sofia comes across as sweet, young and genuinely down-to-earth, a rare quality in LA. Last month Sofia landed a modelling contract with Select Model Management but she’s been building up quite the portfolio during 2014. Between photoshoots for Elle, Nylon and Who What Wear, its amazing that she’s had time to manage her 500k+ Instagram.
Right now its unclear exactly what sort of style Sofia will go on to develop – at 16 I sure as hell wasn’t done. At the moment she’s every inch the millennial child of LA, what with her bleached blonde hair (Nicole’s idea), black sunnies and biker boots. Along with the likes of Kendall and Kylie, Haylie Baldwin and the Hadid sisters, Sofia is earning her spot as one of Instagrams most influential poster-girls – did I mention that half-a-million strong following?
Whether in a white tux, model-uniform biker gear or saturated Cali prints, its clear this girl is one to watch. With a burgeoning music career to top it all off, 2015 could well be the Year of Sofia.
Tom xx
Images collected from the internet

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