Phoebe Philo, you’ve done it again. The achingly cool Parisian chic of the designer (surprising since she’s actually British) positively knows no bounds, as proved by her newest choice of campaign star.
Joan Didion fits the Céline ethos very well. Intellectual, self-assured, rail-thin and adored by fashion girls everywhere, Didion is every inch the Céline woman. In fact, you could be easily forgiven for mistaking her as the grandmother of Phoebe herself, or Céline favourite Daria Werbowy.
What I love most about this choice is that it embraces something I have personally always felt very strongly about; that fashion has no age. It has no expiry state, just like style, which is exactly what Didion so possesses. The simplicity of the shot – is it even airbrushed? I think/hope not – paired with the simple white Céline logo is effective and to the point. Its tells the viewer a story of style and simplicity, but also a great history of a life lived. 
I don’t mean to wax on with some semi-poetic bullshit, but when I look at this photo I want to know more about Joan Didion (my knowledge of her work, I’ll admit, isn’t great) and thats what is so special about a real person. She isn’t a airbrushed homogenised model and I greatly appreciate what Céline is trying to achieve by avoiding that particular cliche. This is an ad that makes me want to dress exclusively in Céline for the rest of my days. Phoebe Philo, you clever thing.
Tom xx

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