Yes, you read that right. The aimless man-child that has seemingly done nothing but be arrested for the past year is now the face (and body) of Calvin Klein underwear. And I approve. 

At first, you would be forgiven for being slightly horrified. This is after all the 16-year-old teen singing sensation discovered through YouTube… or at least he was. Fast forward four years and he’s now twenty, tatted up and surprisingly buff. His general dickishness has been well-documented tabloid fodder but maybe, just maybe, this is the point where it all turns around – after all, along with the campaigns release he is proclaiming that ‘It Begins’. 

Its all quite reminiscent of a certain 90’s Marky Mark campaign, if you were to subtract the tattoo’s and add 30lbs of muscle. Interestingly Lara Stone features in the campaign as well, albiet mostly obscured by the Biebs. JB isn’t exactly a dead ringer for her husband David Walliams but wherever Lara is involved, I’m on board. Check out the campaign and the teaser video CK tweeted below.
What do you think of the campaign, did Calvin Klein make the right choice? Will this be a new beginning for the talented singer?
Tom xx

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