For the last few months I’ve been a highlighted blonde, which for whats its worth is a great colour to be. Its kind of like having a good foundation for everything (i.e. clothes) as well as providing a little pop of brightness.
The thing is, after getting my hair cut short again I lost my beautiful blondeness. I was left with a weird brown head at the back and sides with a stripy blonde bit that wasn’t-quite-blonde and wasn’t-quite-brown on top. It was genuinely tragic. So I did the only thing a man in my position could; bought some bleach and voila, back to platinum.
My hair is no stranger to absolute torture, because it is hair, not a limb. Just as Emily Weiss said on Into The Gloss, “I’ve always approached hair fuckery this way” because it is just hair – it grows back. Mine has been bleached, highlighted, dyed, toned, glossed and just about every other process you can possibly think of involving chemicals and a bowl and brush.
I put up with the trials and tribulations of bleaching all over again because there’s something extra special about being so incredibly white-haired that people stop and look for a second. So light that strangers stop you to talk about it – what product did you use? Is it damaging? How many times did you bleach it? – or that people compare you to Malfoy. Repeatedly.
Also, its a wonderful reason to spend hours on the internet researching (if you can call it that) and finding inspirations. Whilst my style is decidedly more Man Repeller than Sia right now, the original inspirations tend to come from models. Case in point, Emily Weiss – not a model (but should be); Sofia Richie (burgeoning model); Aline Weber (model); Debby Ryan (was in Teen Vogue sooo); Daphne Groeneveld (model); Devin Windsor (model) and Lara Stone at her very lightest (obvs a model).
Whilst part of me wishes I could just Leandra Medine it and keep everything natural and still look awesome, I’m just too restless. Platinum blonde is a little bit distasteful, quite a lot weird and very fucking painful, but right now it feels like me.
Tom xx
(P.S. Plus it looks SO chic with a black turtleneck. I die.)

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