In case you never got the memo, in case you’ve been living under a rock since Marlon Brando in The Wild One, in case you haven’t been into a store since 2010, biker jackets are kinda awesome and cool and perfect and everything you need in a wardrobe investment piece.

I’m really not good with the whole ‘investment piece’ lark. Because I have a condition known as student poverty, anything over £100 (as a general rule) is basically undiscovered territory. At the same time as I want to own a wardrobe full of excellent quality fashion staples, I also want to GO SHOPPING ERRYDAY and hit up H&M and Zara and Hollister and all these other places, resulting in quite a remarkable mish-mash of collective stuff.

One item that I’ve been particularly pining for, however, is a good quality real leather jacket. Here’s one annoying thing about me; I’m a through-and-through perfectionist to the T. So I couldn’t just have any old leather jacket, oh no. Mine had to be a brando; slanted zipper, belt, silver hardware, the full package. The ultimate goal was always a Saint Laurent biker – devastatingly beautiful and oh-so desirable with a £3,000+ price tag to match. Investment piece or not, that truly is a far off fantasy that will only ever stay a fantasy.

I had my eye on a more affordable option from a local company, but, being in possession of some precious amazon vouchers from friends and family post Christmas, I decided to browse their selection. 

What I found there changed my life forever. 

Obviously I’m just kidding. But I was pretty excited. A company called Skintan were selling the perfect, and I repeat, PERFECT, black belted brando leather biker jacket, for the sweet sweet price of £81.99. After much deliberation over what size to buy I bit the bullet and ordered a small, 38. In the end I only paid roughly £45 for my jacket, which is a pretty sweet deal. 

When it came it was almost perfect and I was in love. The arms were a bit wide for a boy with a slight frame such as myself and for the first couple of days it was a bit like walking around in a metal cage till the stiff leather softened, but after two weeks of use I have come to the conclusion it is probably the best purchase I have ever made. It gets compliments (a lot), keeps me warm (very) and maybe most importantly, looks great with EVERYTHING I own (crucial). It can be dressed up or down – to put this in context, it goes just as well with my Daniel Wellington watch as with my Michael Kors watch. For example, whilst I don’t own a (wearable) cat, here is a photo of me taken by Clara in the leather biker. As a cat.

#art. The point is, even as a cat the jacket looks pretty good. That’s another reason its such a good investment piece, biker jackets are universally flattering. And really, what more convincing do you need than a cat in a biker? 
Tom xx

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