If the name Jenna Lyons doesn’t instantly turn you into the heart eyes emoji, give yourself a light slap in the face, sit up straight and pay attention, because your day is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Jenna Lyons is the creative director and general embodiment of the cult American brand, J. Crew. She entered the company straight out of Parsons and worked her way up into the position she holds currently. As well as her extraordinary work (helping to triple J. Crew’s profits and turning it into the brand it is today) Lyons’ fashion icon status is well documented in the style sections of high-fashion magazines. Her signature dark, sleeked back hair, large black glasses and often red lips make her ‘look’ both imitable and aspirational.
When it comes to her wardrobe, WELL. What does the woman with 300 pairs of shoes choose to wear? Everything, apparently. As she told Harpers Bazaar, “The idea of a uniform is like a slow and painful death to me. There is nothing I like more than getting dressed.” I completely agree – starting college and having the freedom to wear what I liked changed my life. Its her eclecticism in her sartorial choices that is at once both expected and surprising. Expected, because this is Jenna Lyons; there will probably be mannish tailoring with some sort of loose cut pants in a vibrant print. Surprising, because every time it looks totally original; the unexpected twist of combining a feathered skirt with a texture-clashing fur jacket.

A lot of the time when looking at photos of Jenna, you get the sense that much of what she wears really shouldn’t work. And yet, it always does. Perhaps it is the ease she displays in her clothes, that of someone who totally owns their style and who has worked towards making it a hot commodity; after all, she is largely responsible for J. Crew’s menswear inspired chic aesthetic, adored by style leaders such as Anna Wintour. Pouring over image after image of her is a little like how you feel after getting lost in the black-hole of awesomeness that is Man Repeller – after so much brilliant insanity, you kind of can’t look away. And Jenna, we sure as hell can’t stop looking.

Tom xx

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