You know that feeling when you walk into a store just to browse, not really finding anything that jumps out, then suddenly you see it – that stand-out piece you instantly fall in love with. The garment that manages to fully embody your style, right in front of your eyes. And no matter the price, you MUST have it.

I know I look moody as hell in these pics, and not in a good way. What can I say, when I took these back in October it was rainy and crap, but I found this beautiful red wall-climbing ivy near my house. Despite the less-than-amused faces I have on, I actually love this outfit and I couldn’t discard the beautiful backdrop.
Whilst my bank balance has suffered considerably since my move to London (though it struggles on valiantly) my wardrobe certainly hasn’t. The amazing thing about being a fashionable male in the city is that there is such a wealth of choice which is simply unavailable to us elsewhere. For example, the sweatshirt I am wearing. Designed by Criminal Damage and sold exclusively at Topman’s Oxford Circus store, its sososo me it hurts. When I clapped eyes on it was as good as mine… No matter that I had to scrounge together pennies in my wallet to pay for it!
It features the most beautiful Picasso-esque abstract print all over, finished with two zippers on the sides. The coat is from H&M, and basically a lifesaver. I’d been looking for the perfect camel coat for ages (if you hadn’t realised how picky I was, have a look at my struggle to find a leather jacket) and this had everything I was looking for! It gets so many compliments, you wouldn’t believe. Plus, it ties in well with the Picasso sweater; crazy and classic is a wonderful combination.
Tom x
Coat – H&M, Jumper – Criminal Damage, Jeans – Hollister, Sneakers – Asos, Watch – Michael Kors

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