Reader Question from Victor:
Dear Thomas,
First of all, I freaking love your style, actually I’m copying your style a bit… I saw on your ‘Picasso Baby’ post that you were wearing a camel coat from H&M, but when did you get it? I searched their website, I searched the H&M shop in my city, but I can’t find it. Please don’t tell me that it’s not in their collection anymore, because that coat is lifeeeee! I live in The Netherlands, but I don’t think that that is the reason why I can’t find it. Please give me a positive answer Thomas 🙂
Victor, here’s the deal. I have bad news for you, some good news to lighten the mood then some more bad news to bring it home. I’ll hit you with the first set of bad news, with an added dash of surprise; the H&M coat was actually women’s, and I say was because it is sadly no more. (Note: I’ve started looking in the women’s section more and more because, as a slim guy, a lot of the stuff fits me really well, is cheaper, and theres more choice.) I mean I still have mine but they’ve stopped selling them, sooo here are some alternatives I have found (thats the good news). The second set of bad news is that we are quickly coming into SS15, which is bad for you because all the camel coats have unfortunately either a) stopped selling or b) have gone on sale and therefore are only available in massive sizes. On the slim chance you are an XXXL (pun completely intended) you are totally in luck!

I love this Jaeger one, it reminds me the most of mine, however its pricey and a slightly odd texture. A more affordable option could be this from French Connection, which features a design similar to mine, whereas the colour of this Noose & Monkey option looks richer, although that may just be the editing. This Reiss coat was the original one I wanted to buy, but I couldn’t justify the price. Finally there is this Mango coat, a seriously beautiful garment in the best shade of camel of the lot – and for less than £100, what do you have to lose?

Tom xx

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