Around this time last year, the fash-pack were heartily proclaiming that dark florals for men would be huge. By and large it was being hailed as The Next Big Thing (Every Man Will Be Wearing Them!!) in a area of fashion that doesn’t particularly change. For the most part, it didn’t happen. Whilst there were some truly excellent offerings – these trousers being my personal favourite of the lot – why did it not take off?

Its quite simple to my mind; most men wouldn’t dare to wear something as traditionally feminine as a floral print for fear of emasculating themselves. Pfft! Where’s the fun in that? Today being a fashionable male is not only an accepted idea, its an almost universal one! Even going way back to the 1800’s, or even to the 1950’s and the teddy boys, men have used fashion just as much as women have. We’re just more subtle in our approach, that’s all.

Dark florals are the ultimate in subversive dressing, because whilst we are told they should be girly, there’s actually something weirdly masculine about them. The trousers shown here were spotted, coveted and acquired by this intrepid materialist with the fervour of a deadly hunter. Basically, I saw them on Jordan Robinson’s Instagram and really REALLY wanted them. I even lost weight and stretched out the waist purely to fit into them – love is love, guys. I’m a great believer in WWYW – Wear What You Want – but honestly, if you’re looking for something new (especially as we come into Spring) I really recommend getting in on the flower power.

Tom xx
Biker Jacket – Skintan, Sweater – H&M, Trousers – Topman, Sneakers – Asos, Sunglasses – eBay

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