As I laid in my bed on Saturday afternoon, brain suitably numbed from the Jeremy Kyle marathon I had just endured, a choice appeared to me in the form of: do I watch Guardians of the Galaxy or Ginger & Rosa? Well friends, from the title of this post, I’m hoping you can guess which I chose. And thank God I did.

If I had not, I would have missed out on the magnificence that is Elle Fanning’s hair in this movie. Yes, two and a bit years may have passed since this films release, of that I am aware. Does that make Elle’s 60s brit schoolgirl styling any less inspiring? Hell no! (BTW, the film is actually really good and totally worth a watch if you have a spare hour and a half.) Whilst the main focus of my attention is on that amazing peachy-orange hair, those marled turtlenecks, striped pyjamas and duffle coats really resonate with my inner Briton. 
Like the way Patricia Field portrayed Carrie through her closet in Sex and the City, the old adage can be adapted for this situation – the clothes make the character. In Ginger & Rosa, clothes also play a vital part in the evolution of the characters and the personal progress they make in their own sexual awakenings (mostly Rosa’s). As Rosa becomes romantically involved with the older man her entire physical appearance changes, from her hair pulled half up and back with a sultry full fringe, all-black turtlenecks and tight dresses and cat-eye eyeliner.
This combination of part rocker, part mod, part English schooler is exactly the laid-back antidote to the current high-glam high-trash look many unfortunately choose to sport at the moment. I’m only kidding (kinda – here’s lookin’ at you Jersey Shore) but it paints such a vivid picture of the time this film is set, post-war Britain where the threat of nuclear annihilation plays all too large a part in the mind of one young schoolgirl.
Tom xx

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