There’s been a great debate in the fashion world of late about the fall of supermodels from the covers of fashion magazines, but lately things have been looking up. After Septembers ‘Instagirls’ and Natalia Vodianova’s November cover, Vogue has combined the best of both worlds – celebrity culture and high fashion – to create one of my favourite covers and spreads ever.

Photographed by Mikael Jansson, the pair look almost like sisters in the cover photo and accompanying spread, which is beyond adorable. Fashion and women’s magazines have a history of telling girls to compete and better themselves, often to get the one-up on each other; this is a remarkably different message that tells a story of real friendship, something that really comes across in the photos.
Aaaaand if you thought that was cringey as fuck, just wait till you watch the video created by Vogue.com, testing who is the best best friend of the two. Truly vomit-inducing for the heartless/soulless like myself, but also quite sweet. Watch at your own risk.
Tom xx
Images and video via Vogue/YouTube

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