As my friend Clara and I walked down the halls of London College of Fashion, she in a grey cardigan, me in my camel coat, our lecturer Tony Glenville offered one of the best compliments someone could hope to receive; “Look at you two with your camel and grey, you look so very Hermès!” Ever since then I have taken these as words to live by, because when Tony Glenville gives you advice, you listen.

The outfit I’m wearing now is the outfit I was wearing then, and ever since its become a bit of a staple. There’s something about wearing leather that feels a little dangerous, no? Since its about as close to danger as I feel comfortable with, I’m going to answer that with a yes. The key to this look, other than the apparent danger of mixing leather with a classic camel coat (OH, the controversy!), is that there is in fact no actual Hermès in sight. Quite the contrary, this outfit was brought to you largely by H&M.
Whether or not you have a budget better suited to H&M or Hermès, keep in mind that whilst clothes themselves have a price tag, style doesn’t. And so, until I can appropriately look “very Hermès” in the label itself, I’m just going to fake it till I make it. 
Tom xx
Coat – H&M, Sweatshirt – H&M, Trousers – Zara, Chelsea Boots – H&M, Sunglasses – eBay

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