Today my friend Amita and I journeyed to the world famous Portobello Market for Day 1 of Portobello Live, an eclectic mix of food, music and entertainment held around the Notting Hill area. As tickets are only £11, its perfect for us broke-ass-bitch students trying to avoid coursework.

The weather was really weird, in the vein of “I won’t need a coat but I might need a jacket but if I wear a jacket it had to be a thin jacket because a sweater alone won’t do the job”. We found a perfect spot just off of Ladbroke Grove to pass the time before the music got underway and snapped a few photos, just a broke lad in Ladbroke with his camera and the sun.
Thomas xx 
Denim Jacket – H&M (custom bleached), Sweatshirt – H&M, Jeans – River Island, Chelsea Boots – H&M, Sunglasses – Appletree Boutique, Watch – Michael Kors, Bag – Celine
Photos by Amita

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