Teen Vogue, ultimate new-face forecaster and my personal favourite magazine, has named three models as ‘Fashion’s New Faces’ for its August issue and put them on the cover – and all of them are black.

For Teen Vogue, the motto has always been ‘fashion starts here’. This is something that, as a huge fan of Conde Nast and the Vogue family in general, I love and celebrate. Over the years Teen Vogue has really carved itself a niche as one of the best tellers of new talent to come. For the August issue, they have selected three young models, all with impressive resume’s to their names as TV’s Beauty and Health Editor Elaine Welteroth writes; “Egyptian-Moroccan Imaan Hammam is a breakout star who landed a career-defining Givenchy campaign and her first Vogue cover. French-Ivorian beauty Aya Jones walked in an astounding 47 runway shows. And Dominican stunner Lineisy Montero kicked off her modelling career on the lauded Prada runway.”
The four covers, photographed by Daniel Jackson, are not only beautiful but also groundbreaking. In some ways it is paradoxal. I feel proud and celebratory in writing this post, but I’m also very aware that it’s 2015, and I shouldn’t have to be doing so. However for the fashion industry, it’s a huge step in the right direction.
But my favourite part of the entire thing is a quote Montero remembers from her grandmother which she tells in their introductory video (watch below) as a way of dealing with bullies –“I am all I got, so if I feel good about that, whatever other people say doesn’t matter”. And in fact, no matter what colour, ethnicity, class or gender you are, this couldn’t be more true.
Tom xx

Images and video via Teen Vogue/Daniel Jackson/YouTube

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