Photo 01-02-2015 2 36 27 pm
Whats that? The sun. What does that mean? It’s hot. What do I wear? This!

The sun has been unseasonably (or rather seasonably, since it is summer) strong this last week. In London on Wednesday it actually reached 37 degrees – I’m deadly serious. 37 degrees. This is not a drill. The thing about heat is that I have never coped well with it, I’m naturally like a radiator anyway, so this really doesn’t help. It’s becoming increasingly clear that global warming is doing its thing and we are all going to die, but until then, public nudity is still not an option. So what the hell do you wear when all you want to do is sit in a fridge?
My saving grace has been dungarees. For some reason I find them cooler than jeans – this pair from Hollister uses a slightly lighter denim than in their jeans and its perfect layered over a thin sweatshirt or (for those 37 days) a t-shirt. Now, coming to the boots. You may be wondering, why would you wear boots in summer? Are you insane? Well, yes, but I’m actually having somewhat of a #shoegate as it happens. My feet are so used to the comfort of wintery boots that even wearing my vans for the last two days has left my feet looking like an extra from World War Z. Ed note: they aren’t as hot or uncomfy as you’d think… Even if you are.
Tom xx

Jumper – H&M, Dungarees – Hollister, Leather jacket – Skintan, Chelsea boots – H&M, Sunglasses – eBay, Watch – Michael Kors


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